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I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are and how happy I am that you run the CrossFit kids class. My daughter loves it so much and I’ve never seen her get so excited to go to something. After every class, she makes me take her to the grocery store to get more fruits and veggies for her lunch. My goal is to always build up her confidence and self-esteem while teaching her good physical and nutritional habits. And you have done that and have found a way to make it fun and challenging to her. I am so happy that you do what you do and as long as you teach this class, I will be bringing my daughter to it. Keep up your amazing work :)

Robert Nicholas

CrossFit near Ithaca

"I won't lie - I was terrified about going to Free Trial Day at CrossFit of Ithaca back in December 2016. I had heard lots of things about CrossFit; mostly, people told me I was going to die.

At the time, I was pretty overweight, very out of shape, no exercise to speak of and I had just quit smoking after 20 years of being a pack-a-day smoker. I knew for certain that my current lifestyle was going to kill me - so I had rationalized that I had nothing to lose by giving CrossFit a shot.

Surprise ending - - I didn't die. In fact, I've never felt so alive. In the last 2.5 years, I've lost 57 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I've learned what healthy eating really means. I've developed physical strength and endurance unlike any other time in my life. I've made incredible friendships with people who truly inspire me to come back tomorrow. I can actually look at myself in the mirror - and not feel disappointment.

For me, I've never been the kind of person who is disciplined enough to consistently get to the traditional gym on my own. I'm still not that person. I need accountability. I need someone to program a workout for me. Yes, I've had to work hard for the progress I've made, but grinding out a workout with your friends by your side, cheering you on, is absolutely what brings me back. CFI has changed my life. More than that, CFI likely saved my life.”

Bob C.

"A shout out to Jared Jordan and Nina Cobb who coached me through my first year at CrossFit of Ithaca. I was about 10 pounds heavier than in the picture when I took my first class on May 7, 2015. Guesstimate on weight loss: 50-60 pounds. T-shirt size: was X-large, now medium. Jeans went from 40-42 to 32. Health went from the brink of crap to excellent. Fitness went from 0 to much much better :-) Burpees went from climbing off the floor to bring 'em. Thank you to all my CFI brothers and sisters for your patience, kindness, and support. A deeply felt thank you to Jared and Nina for saving me. Year one: Year of the weight. Year two: Year of skillz and muscle."

Lisa B.

FEB 2014->NYE 2016->Today "I've constantly struggled with my weight since I was a child, then it was worse in my mid 20's due to hypothrydoism and very poor eating habits. I thought I had lost significant weight (100lbs) since 2014 when I rang in the new year for NYE 2016 wearing a phenomenal dress from a store I had never fit into before. But after joining CrossFit of Ithaca in February 2016, I made a new relationship with working out, teamwork, challenging myself, and getting even better results. I actually havent lost much weight according to the scale since joining but I've lost sooooo much in inches and toned more with lean muscle. I fit into a size 16/18 dresses (which I order online with no returns quite often), size Large T-shirts, and at times Large shorts/pants. This is the smallest I've been since I was a Sophomore in college 10 years ago. This is a lesson that the scale doesn't always determine your success, but inches, photo comparisons and my cheeks can prove it all. I thank CrossFit of Ithaca and Coach Jared Jordan for always pushing me to be a better and healthier version of myself!"

Angelica K.

"It took me six months to get from the photo on the Left to the one in the middle, and one month of CrossFit to get from the middle photo to the one on the right.." "I am a 32 yo, mother of two, who has never been very athletic. This year several of my friends recommended CrossFit and I wanted to try something new. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing Jared and Nina are as coaches. They are supportive, knowledgeable, fun and they keep me wanting to come back for more! I am more fit in 1 month at CFI, than going to Planet Fitness for an entire year. My confidence has grown, my strength has improved, I dropped a pants size and I feel great. After a month, my husband even joined CrossFit of Ithaca because he could see how amazing this place and these coaches are. The CrosssFit of Ithaca community is an awesome group of people- all ages, sizes, gender and ability level- that cheer each other on every work out. Come support this local business-- you will not regret it!"

Jennie P.

"I started at CrossFit of Ithaca in February of 2014. In a very short period of time I lost 10lbs, gained speed, strength, agility, and accuracy. I can dodge a pull up post at high speeds in a flash, and box jump 30" like it's nothing. I've also mastered ball stealing. My vet no longer calls me overweight, however she is a bit concerned about the blisters on my paws- she just doesn't get it, they're clearly CF paws; I work hard for them. I am also much much fitter than my puppy siblings who don't do CF.

All in all, I have a healthy road ahead of me, and although there may be grey hairs on my chin- I am in far better shape than I was in my puppyhood. Not to mention I have a bajillion new friends that I would have never met if it weren't for CFI! " -Kaine

Kaine- CFI Mascot

The best thing out there to get you in the best shape of your life. And it's for everyone!

Barbara Gehm-Jordan

Dropped in while visiting the area. Jared was a great coach and it's clear that he's passionate about CF! Facility is nice and it was good to see that they emphasized cleaning bars and barbells after the workout. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Steve Doughty

Exceptional programming, amazing facility and top-notch coaches!

Robert Case

It's hard to explain the positive environment, encouraging and supportive coaching that goes on while you're exercising in such a complete, tough, and balanced way. I haven't found any other fitness setting that has left me as energized as CrossFit of Ithaca

Laura Staubes

CFI has improved both my fitness and my wellness outside of the gym. I highly recommend working with their coaches! Having tried a few things locally, it's by far the best workout in Ithaca.

Bojan S.

I've been going for the last four months to CFI and they've got me hooked. I've struggled the last few years to keep an exercise routine, and the amazing people and coaches have motivated me to come every week! At 5:30am nonetheless! Jared and Nina, thanks for creating an amazing atmosphere to meet new people and achieve our fitness goals! #cfistrong

Lindsay Glasner

This is a great crossfit gym. People are great. Programming is awesome.

Larry Phillips

An absolutely amazing staff and community! Been going for a year and this is the one place I've felt comfortable. Not only do I get a great workout, the coaches strive to ensure you learn why and how the movements are helping. Thanks Nina and Jared for creating a wonderful family! CFI Strong!

Lindsay Glasner

More than a CF box, it's a community of people who welcome each person who walks through the door with open arms. All ages, shapes and abilities can be found here. Nina and Jared are VERY knowledgeable, they love what they do and it shows. Less coaches= individuation and consistency. You won't be disappointed!

Beth P

Love the people/community and the WODs. I've done things I never thought my body could do. Thanks CF Ithaca.

Jade Womack

Through Crossfit of Ithaca, I am stronger, more confident, happier, healthier, motivated, and excited for every day's new challenge.

Jessica Mitchell

Great box near Buttermilk falls. Smaller box but Nina and Jarod do a great job in coaching and motivation. The group is friendly and welcoming and the workouts are tough. Give it try it will change your life.

Dan K.

I was visiting for the weekend and dropped in for Sunday work out. First time @ CFI and both Jared and Nina were terrific as we're all the other athletes. Felt like I was working out at my home box. Will definitely be back when in town and highly recommend it.

Bruce Ginsburg

I've always been intimidated by gyms and having eyes on me while I feebly attempt to work my body into a socially acceptable shape. Not the case here. Every day that I show up, I am met with friendly hellos and encouragement from the trainers and my fellow cross fitters. Jared and Nina have an amazingly mature sensibility in the matter of balancing motivation and encouragement. They challenge me with encouragement rather than intimidation. I love this place!!

Heather Haas

I've loved every minute of Crossfit, especially this particular location. The coaches are amazing, the other people participating are motivating, and I'm already seeing results. I am getting faster, stronger, and constantly pushing myself to do more. In the two months I've been working out (started at 3xs a week February then upgraded to Unlimited for March), I've lost 4lbs and 5.5 inches from all over my body (chest, hips, waist, and thighs). I feel better and love it! The coaches keep pushing me, help accomodate when I need it, and constantly work to make me feel comfortable. Crossfit Ithaca has become my new family outside of work and home.

Angelica Keen

The coaches and staff are very friendly and the community is by far the best group of people you'd ever want to workout with. Tips notch training tailored to each individual for the best overall results. Lots of individual time with a coach on fitness, diet and day to mobility.

Barbara Jordan

I love this place! The workouts are hard but the coaches are wonderful. Jared and Nina give positive support while pushing you to do your best. I personally appreciate the patience Jared has shown with me while I am learning all of the lifting techniques. Thank you!

Tammy Lopez

Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. The coaches are amazing. They make it so that you feel safe during the workouts but are challenged at the same time.

Elizabeth Gardner

I love everything about the this gym the people in it are great and the coaches Nina Jared are awesome they work with you and take thier time to help you understand the movements I was member for over a year and can't wait to get back and be a part the cfi once again.

James Tucker

Coming to CFI is one of the best things I have ever done. The coaches are great, the atmosphere makes me want to come back again and again, and the equipment is top notch. I recommend it to anyone.

Jolene Almendarez

I have never done anything like this before, but at the urging of my granddaughter to join her, I did. Many of the exercises are modified for me by the attentive coaches in such a way that I can fully participate in the program. I love CFI, the supportive coaches and fellow participants, and look forward to going. I feel amazing. Proud to be a CFIer.

Cris Gardner

I was visiting for the weekend and dropped in for Sunday work out. First time @ CFI and both Jared and Nina were terrific as we're all the other athletes. Felt like I was working out at my home box. Will definitely be back when in town and highly recommend it. The address and hours listed on Yelp were wrong since they moved so you should check their website

Bruce G.

I like CFI because it's like a small mom and pop Business. I've never felt uncomfortable doing the WOD because everyone supports you for the whole workout. everyone is like family. The owners Jared and Nina are always coaching you to make sure you're doing the proper lifting technique's.

John Reeves

These coaches are literally saving my life. I can now run, jump, and walk distances because of my Crossfit classes. Nina and Jared are moving me from having difficulty walking to being able to pull off pull ups.

Marianne Pelletier

Coaches are super personal and understanding . They make sure you're doing exactly what you need. Amazing experience

Arianna Elmore

Great community, fantastic coaching! I dropped in for a week and can't recommend it enough!

Allyssa Bates

This is one cozy box. Nice people and a coach that knows her athletes well enough to appropriately scale their weight before they even show up (Nina). Way to push yourself Dan! Will be back.

Ryan Johnson

Great programming and great environment. Coaches are amazing. 3 generation of my family now workout at CFI.

I've dropped in at a few other boxes, none have come close. CFI feels like home!

Loren Gardner

Nina and Jared are awesome. Cross Fit is awesome. You will get in the best shape of your life. It's hard work and yet the most motivating gym experience I've ever had. Everyone is super nice and supportive. No question you will work hard but the benefits from my perspective are that it's the most productive, efficient, health-increasing full body workout you can do. And... It's fun, partially as a corrolary to the previous statement. Be confident and take the step through the front door!

Sam T.

Joining CFI was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. The box has an amazing community and talented coaching staff that is welcoming to anyone who steps in the door. I had absolutely no lifting experience before CFI and was frankly always intimidated by lifting, but after two years I've made incredible progress and can't imagine my life without it. At CFI you'll see long-time athletes, parents, teens, grandparents, etc... essentially anyone from any walk of life who's looking to start or continue to live a healthy life. So it doesn't matter whether you even consider yourself athletic. You'll make progress at CFI and meet some awesome people.

Robert Yamulla

I highly recommend this life changing gym.

Give it a try to better your body, mind, and spirit!

Jessica M

Amazing community of people! Coaching is very personalized and they will definitely get you the results you are looking for.

Jennifer Lovell

This is an amazing gym with even more amazing coaches. Becoming a member was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Nikolas Lopez

I am so happy that I finally took that plunge and called them! As a beginner, Jared and Nina have been nothing but patient with me. I hope more people take the plunge and join us!

Tina Weston Gourley

Love the people here! Great place to get your butt kicked!

Paul Ebner

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