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2018 OPEN Season is upon us!

The Open season has arrived!!!  If you're new to the Open this year, here's what you need to know.

We are now less than 2 weeks away from the first Open announcement (Thursday, February 22nd at 8pm) where Dave Castro, Director of the CF Games, will reveal the first workout; 18.1!  Here's a look at what you need to know about how the Open is done at CFI!

Before I get into the nitty gritty, give yourself a pat on the back because you are one of 70+ CFI athletes that registered for this years Open.  Alright let's take a look at how it all goes down.  Every Friday night for the next 5 weeks you, your fellow CFIers, and the rest of the CrossFit world will take on the same workout.  We obviously cannot get 70+ athletes on the floor at one time, so we set up heats.  We also have no idea how many heats there will be because we have no idea what the workout will be until Thursday night.  Once the WOD is announced Thursday night, I will go to work diligently setting up heats and preparing for Friday night.  Heats will start Friday night at 5pm sharp and will run until everyone has completed the workout.  That being said, I understand there will be athletes that have time constraints, so early each week I will put up a post on FB asking for any special time requests.  This is for those who cannot be here until a certain time or those who must leave before a certain time.  *Athletes please do not request a certain time because it would be ideal for you, keep in mind I have less than 24 hours to create and run a seamless event with over 70 participants for the next five weeks.  PLEASE only comment on the FB post if you absolutely have to be at a specific time.  I ask that for the next 5 Friday evening you bare with us and please try to keep your schedule clear from 5pm on.  Also if you cannot be here on a Friday night that would be a good reason to comment on the FB post so I can put someone else in your heat slot.  Make-up Open Wods will be Sunday during Open gym, unless you are out of town and won't be able to do it until Monday and have given us a heads up PRIOR to the event.  No other excuse will allow you to do an Open workout on Monday.  We also ask that you come early and stay as long as you can to support the other athletes participating each week.  During the day on Friday I will post the heat sheet on FB so you have an idea of your heat time and I will also post a video with good mobility tips and warm-up tips for you to do on your own before your heat time.  I am super excited to kick off the Open with all of you and especially happy to welcome all the newcomers to the Open this year.  CFI has never had this many participants, so thank you all for your dedication and commitment.  This will be extremely fun, and a little nerve racking, but I assure you that you're all in very good hands and you're all more than capable of whatever Mr. Castro decides to throw at us. 

A couple extras:

No classes Friday after noon class, CFI will Re-Open at 4pm to start warm-up routines and get in mobility

If you come in Friday morning we will do a "Practice run of the workout"

Parking is free on Green St. We also have shared parking out back. If you can carpool please do so.

Indoor space will be very tight so please only bring what you need, leave big bags and extra stuff in your car.

Food and drinks are welcome, but ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol BEFORE your heat!!!

Friends and family are welcome, but be mindful of limited space

My sister, Barbie, and Jess Mitchell daughter, Emma, will be heading a childcare operation at Jess Mitchells house just one mile away.  $20 per kid per night (That's way cheaper than a baby sitter!)  If you plan to use childcare please let me know before hand.


-Coach J

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