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Angelica Keen ~ Athlete Spotlight





Angelica Keen

Age: 29

Class: 645am mostly, sometimes 5:30am or 630pm

Favorite WOD: 

Favorite lift:  Clean & Jerk, Snatches

Least favorite movement: Jump Rope, Running

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Since February 2016

What keeps you coming back?
The coaches, the other athletes’ support/cheering, and the fact that I was comfortable day one. I really like the 1:1 coaching and instruction I receive, also the accommodations made to my strength, and the challenge when the coaches feel I’m ready.

How did you find CrossFit?
Facebook honestly, I saw the announcement that the new location was opening by my apartment

How did you end up at CFI?
Free Foundations Special!

What is your athletic background?
High School sports, always remained active due to weight problems

How much has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, and fitness level?
I’ve lost 5lbs and over 15 inches across my body. I feel better (I miss it when I do not go for a few days), I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten stronger, and my endurance has improved.

What's the one thing you've accomplished at CrossFit you thought you could never do?
The ability to run a mile in 14 minutes, which is huge for me as before it was almost 30 minutes (mostly walked it).

What motivates/inspires you?
The results and the continuous goals to fit in to specific outfits!

What's your proudest CrossFit achievement?
Jump 6” 
I’m getting there

What's one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit?
Lose more weight/fat, my goal size is a 10

What Goals have you achieved through CrossFit?
Fitting into size 14 dresses lately, which I haven’t since high school.

What are your upcoming goals?
Fit into a size 12 by the end of the year

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?
Cooking, reading, hiking, catching up on shows on HuluPlus, and CROSSFIT!!!

How is your diet?
Light on carbs, high on protein. I stay away from juices, sodas, and sweets (when I can).

Any advice for new members looking to join CFI?
You’ll think that you cannot do some of the exercises, but give it some time and you will! The biggest challenge at times will be believing in yourself but with the support of other athletes and the coaches, you will conquer that exercise/lift. I know I have, slowly but surely at my own pace!

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