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Athlete Spotlight: RAY HUBBARD



PictureAthlete Spotlight​

Age: 49

Which class do you usually attend?
12:00, 4:00, 5:15 and Sundays 

​Favorite WOD?
"All of them except for the 20 min AMRAP, I just need to learn to pace myself and that every WOD is not a sprint."

Favorite Lift?
"Any that is less technical, although technique is slowly coming around and it’s not just picking up and putting down."

Least favorite movement?
"Pull up, toe to bar, muscle up, just because of my ability and flexibility, I do understand that it will come in time."

How long have you been coming to CrossFit?
"February of this year (2016)"

What keeps you coming back?
"New friends, sense of family and community. The more frequent your schedule is makes the WOD becomes less hard (not easier) nothing is easy."

How did you find CrossFit?
"Family "

How did you end up at CrossFit?
"My step son Jake started in September of last year at which I would be there with him to drop off, pick up, and at times be in the audience. While watching I enjoyed the music, but now participating I don’t hear it !?!?!?!"

What is your athletic background?
"30 years ago in High School, Football and Track. Since than I thought my career as a mechanic was exercise until I started CrossFit. "

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, and fitness level?
"CFI has changed me in every aspect of life, of course physical body, mind and spirit breathes easier. Makes the life’s darkest days a little brighter.  As I walk through the door all the life’s baggage is left behind.  As I walk out there is a tear in an eye, my saying in life that if there is not any exceptions there are no disappointments is not true within this box. There will always be a challenge to balance life and CrossFit, CrossFit is addictive. Also mind over body, the mind tells you can and the body reply’s back that you are 49 and it hurts and to minimize the effect of the hurt within out of box life. " 

What’s the one thing you’ve accomplished at CrossFit you thought you never could do? "CROSSFIT !!!!!"

What motivates/inspires you? 
"Performing to your fullest ability with complete support from others without any hidden agendas, politics and or jealousy regardless of athletic ability or age. "

What’s your proudest CrossFit achievement?
"Noticing a fellow CrossFitters hand position on a bar as they were struggling to finish a lift. I suggested an alternate position, which it made a significant difference and even added another weight load. This is notable because this is exactly what I struggle with. "

What’s one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve though CrossFit? 
"Just staying healthy and avoiding injury to continue"

​What goals have you achieved though CrossFit?
"I walk taller (short joke). My body would always be in pain especially in the evening, shoulders pain would wake me every night, now all which is gone. Now when I am sore at least I know the reason. I have lost some 20 pounds, like to lose more but it seems I am holding steady."

Hobbies/interest outside of CrossFit?
"Our Home"

Tell me about your diet.
"I do my best to manage portion sizes, eat what you know is good for you and drink plenty of water. I can tell you that what your intake is will directly affect your WOD."

Any advice for new members looking to join CFI? 
"Quoting from another CFI member; CFI is better than paying for therapy. The structure of WOD CrossFit is the most inviting compared to other fitness centers, you perform the same WOD as everyone in the box for that day, but it is tailored to your ability with the direction and guidance of extremely knowledgeable coaches."

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