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Athlete Spotlight; LORI BIRKMEYER





Class: "5:15pm in the summer months, and 6:30pm when it's offered."

Favorite WOD: "Barbara"

Favorite lift: "Deadlifts"

Least favorite movement: "Toes/Knees to bar or burpees."

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
"4 months "

What keep you coming back?
"#1 the coaches- they are awesome! #2 the feeling of family at the gym. I'm one of the oldest ones in the class I normally go to, and love the support and encouragement I get from my fellow CrossFitter's. "

How did you find CrossFit?
"I had heard about CrossFit years ago, but thought I was too old to do it. Then while going to a Zumba class that Barbie (Mama J) taught I found out that Jared and Nina had opened a gym in Ithaca. Barbie had been going and looked fantastic, and I knew that's what I wanted to look like too! "

How did you end up at CFI?
"My sister-in-law (close in agE to me) joined and was able to do it and was seeing great results, so I went to a Saturday class to check it out and LOVED it. I signed up immediately."

What is your athletic background?
"In school (over 35 years ago!) I played intramural sports (volleyball, softball). I also did cheerleading. "

How much has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, and fitness level?
"CrossFit has changed my life in many ways. I have more energy and can now run up the many flights of stairs to my office, which I could never do before. I would get halfway up and feel out of breath. I had also started running/jogging several years ago, but hurt my knees in a fall so I stopped doing it. After getting a really good pair of running sneakers, I started up again and with CrossFit I now have the endurance and cardio to run longer without stopping to catch my breath."

What's the one thing you've accomplished at CrossFit you thought you could never do?
"Any kind of pull up (I use 2 bands, but still never thought I would even be able to do that!) "

What motivates/inspires you?
"The coaches and other athletes. They don't treat me any different because I'm older. "

What's your proudest CrossFit achievement?
"160 unbroken hang power cleans! "

What's one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit?
"Unassisted pull-ups and double-unders. "

What Goals have you achieved through CrossFit?
"I've lost 11 pounds and inches all over in the short time I've been coming here. "

What are your upcoming goals?
"To continue to tone and lose the extra pounds, and just become more fit and stronger. i would also like to improve my form for each of the different weightlifting moves. "

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?
"Reading, hiking, any activities with my family. "

How is your diet?
"I eat fairly healthy now (salads, fruit, mostly unprocessed foods), but before joining CrossFit I ate more of the things I shouldn't. I do need to get better at drinking more water throughout the day. "

Any advice for new members looking to join CFI?
"Do it! You won't regret it! Age, size, skill level, ect., doesn't matter. I've joined other gyms in my lifetime (not CrossFit), but because they aren't structured and you go in and lift or run on the treadmill, ect. on your own, I didn't push myself so I ended up wasting money. CrossFit is different. Everyone is there doing the same workout, but at different levels. It may cost a little more than your standard gym, but you are getting a lot more from it. You have extremely knowledgeable coaches working with you all the time. You have other CrossFitters encouraging you and supporting you as you work through each move. CFI is an awesome place to be! It's more than a workout- it's team building, new friendships, and it's fun!! "

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