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Here's what clean eating has done for us!





For the past 7 weeks, 38 CrossFit of Ithaca athletes have participated in a healthy, clean eating and Performance challenge provided by Lurong Living.  For 7 weeks we have changed our unhealthy eating habits and made better choices about what we put in our bodies. The result of this 7 week challenge is absolutely amazing.  Here is some stats about what healthy eating habits have done for the 38 athletes who chose to take part.

Total weight LOST: 243.8lbs

​-This number is from 34 athletes loses (or wins) combined.
​*4 athletes haven't yet entered their finishing weights!
​243.8lbs!!! That's AMAZING! Think of how much easier box jumps, pull-ups, push-ups, running, and BURPEES would be if you lost even 5% of that number!

Total inches LOST: 160"
​-This number is total inches from each athlete (arms, legs, waist, hips, and chest).
​*4 athletes haven't yet entered their finishing measurements.
​Are your pants feeling a little snug? How about your pretty boy dress shirts or hot mama pencil skirts? Imagine how great you would feel heading to Hollister or American Eagle to shop because your clothes are getting a bit baggie!!!

Some stand out performances:
Savannah Jordan, CFI's youngest member:
​Starting weight: 165lbs  Finishing weight: 140lbs
​Total Body Compensation: -13 inches

Tony Elmore:
​Tony lost a total of 25lbs and almost 17 inches (with a broken elbow!!!)

Nina Cobb:
Had a baby. ;)

Jackie Cito:
​Jackie smoked the final workout, beating the next closest CFI athlete by a whooping 98 reps! She also finished 7th in the country out of 800 athletes in her division on that workout!

Mama J:
​Mama J did 135 reps the first time around on the deadlift, hang clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead, ground to overhead workout.  The final week of the challenge Mama J busted out 174 reps on the very same workout!!! That performance put her 15th in the country out of over 1000 athletes in level 2 and 6th in the country out of the master division athletes!

Haley Birkmeyer:
​Haley didn't lose much, not that she had anything to lose, but have you seen her strength numbers lately!?!? This kid is on fire with the weights!

​All I'm saying is think about it!  Doing the work is only half the battle.  Nutrition is your foundation for a happier, healthier you!  Are you disappointed in your performance lately?  Every athlete had to perform a certain WOD to start the challenge and the same WOD to finish it.  This time we had 2 repeat workouts and every athlete did significantly better on at least one of them, most improved their score on both workouts.  Have you ever heard the phrase "you are what you eat?" Well, to a certain extent that is exactly correct.  Not to be blunt, but if you eat like crap you're going to perform like crap.  I'm not just talking about in your workouts.  Do any of you feel a bit sluggish as the day goes on?  Do you feel like you could use a 2pm nap at work?  Take a look at what you're eating!  A healthy balanced diet should consist of about 40% complex carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat each meal with a small snack between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.

​Those of you that did the challenge, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Let us know what you plan to do to continue to improve your results.  Those of you that didn't, do these statistics make you wish you did? Would you do the next one? will you start tomorrow and change just one thing in your diet to better yourself?  Write your thoughts in the comments.

​At the end of the day, it's your choice!  It's your body! It's your life! There is only one person that can make a difference and that's you! All I hope is that I can help to influence and guide you every step of the way.  I have no doubt in my mind that each and every one of you can experience the best years of your life no matter how old or "out of shape" you think you are and I promise to keep pushing you to become the best possible version of you that you can become, but ultimately it's up to you!

-Coach Jared

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