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Nutrition Testimonial

"I've been working with Coach Jared since December 2018 on this Nutrition Journey and it's taken a lot of trial and error. On my behalf, learning what works well with my body and trusting the process. I hadn't lost a lot on the scale so two months in I started measuring myself monthly to find a different way to measure my progress. Since February I've lost a total of 6 inches all over my body. Mind you according the scale I weigh the same but it's gone up and down...then August came around and I've hit a personal record 6xs in 30 days,  I lost almost 10 pounds in a couple months, and my endurance is like never before. This success actually started after being fed MORE food, who would've thought adding carbs and calories would produce results???

So outside of the scale and inches, I feel amazing.  I've been able to lift more than ever in my time at the box, even beating numbers from before I was pregnant. 

Working with Coach J and my nutrition has been the best decision I've ever made, and I am really looking forward to wearing my wedding dress! (Have an inch or so to go) Thank you Coach!"- Angelica Keen

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