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What’s your tip on injury prevention?




Wanna work out for the rest of your life with minimal rest days? I do!
The potential for minor injury associated with all types of fitness can be
minimized if you act on the following 2 tips.

1. CrossFit of Ithaca emphasizes technique and skill over the load on your bar.

This point is fundamental to staying safe and making gains. Following your coach’s
cues during skill work gives you efficient movement and safe workouts. Then,
keep your good technique throughout the WOD.

2. Get mobilizing!

The quality of the movement of your joints is directly related to the condition of
the muscles that move the joint. If muscles are tight they may not function with
optimal strength and/or they may restrict full range of movement. For example,
tight quads (the muscles on the front of your thighs) can restrict full depth in a
squat. Tight pecs (chest muscles) can restrict the arch position in your kipping

Mobilization styles such as stretching (a 2 minute minimum is a must for a
positive outcome), yoga or RomWod ( can give you a
significant advantage in your workouts. These techniques help to break up scar
tissue, flush out the irritating chemicals your body produces when working out,
and bring in fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients for speedy recovery.
Even spending a few extra minutes after class can go a long way towards injury
prevention. Ask your coach which stretch is best for you following the workout.
Take the time, get the long-term benefits. 3-2-1 GO!!!
" - Coach Lisa

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