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What’s your tip on maintaining a positive mindset?


"To help develop my own positive mindset, I started this list a while back when I was having a tough time acknowledging how amazing my life is.  Sometimes remembering how healthy I am in the middle of a WOD or how lucky I am on my way to work is a battle hard won.  Having a mindset where we remember we get to choose our experience of life is a practice.  

Since starting the list, it has grown to over 7 feet tall and pulled me up many times! 

It’s so simple:  I write down things I’m grateful for. And, to be honest, there are A LOT of food items listed.  Along with spaghetti, maple syrup (2x), butter, and many specific cheeses, there’s my family, giant rain drops, grace, dumb jokes, soft sweaters, and compassion.  Even ‘Lists’ are on my grateful list.  

Actively exercising my gratitude has made me better able to shift most situations/experiences to FOCUSING ON WHAT I DO LIKE/WANT more and more often. It absolutely makes my experience of whatever more enjoyable and I invite you to make your own list!  Mine is constructed from a legal pad and scotch tape which has held up pretty well. I need to put that on the list!" - Coach Donna 

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