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Jess Mitchell

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Anatomy

"For 9 years, my idea of staying fit was training spring and summer for the Cayuga Lake Triathlon, completing it in 2 hours, and looking forward to the following spring when I could do it all over again. I mentioned to my brother than I was surprised that after so many attempts, my triathlon time never improved. He said it would if I joined CrossFit, which I immediately did. After just one year at CrossFit of Ithaca, and with no outside training, I competed in my 10th triathlon, and beat my record by 17 minutes.

That explains the fitness side of why CrossFit is so important to me.

The other side is that CrossFit has made me stronger, happier, more confident, more social, better able to adapt to change, more aware of myself in the context of community, and overall healthier.

I am blessed with the opportunity to take my passion onto the floor as a coach. I strive to help my community become not only fitter, but healthier in all aspects of their lives."

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