CrossFit of Ithaca

Hannah Bailey

CrossFit Level 1


"My CrossFit journey began in June 2016. I was itching for something more in my exercise routine, so my husband encouraged me to join CrossFit of Ithaca (which he had started just a few months prior and couldn't stop talking about). Despite being very interested in CrossFit I was terrified to start. Fast-forward to today -- I'm beyond hooked! Not coming from an athletic background, CrossFit has transformed me - my body can accomplish amazing things I never would have dreamed of and I'm healthier and happier than ever. I can't get enough of learning what we do, why we do it, how we do it and how it changes lives. The community at CrossFit of Ithaca is extremely diverse and I love seeing my fellow athletes come in every day and push themselves to become better people both physically and mentally.


I'm motivated by my three beautiful children to teach them that hard work and dedication in combination with healthy choices make for a strong, healthy and happy life.  I'm eternally grateful for our committed, supportive and knowledgeable team of coaches for leading the way.  I'm humbled and honored to be a member of the CrossFit of Ithaca coaching staff."



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