"This Is A Lifestyle"

CrossFit of Ithaca is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals and athletes to reach increased levels of fitness through constantly varying movements we do every day at an intensity level just beyond your comfort zone. We are located on W. Green Street across from Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Ithaca.  Equipped with a lounge and showers. Our product is 100% CrossFit.  Our training methods produce advanced human performance.  

The needs for us, as humans, vary by degree not by kind! Through training at CFI you are improving your general physical preparedness.  What this means is that everyone from the elite level athlete to ordinary people of any age and even our children can benefit from what we do.  For example, an Olympic level athlete needs to squat to full range of motion to improve their performance on game day.  Everyone including older adults needs to squat to full range of motion to keep the privilege of living alone, so they can stand up from the dinner table and get themselves out of bed in the morning.  Our programming is designed to reach optimal benefit for any individual regardless of age, sex, body type, ect

Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio. There isn’t a strength and conditioning program anywhere that better prepares you for any challenges life may throw in your path.  Our specialty is not specializing.  Our program is broad, general, inclusive and scaled to meet the needs of any individual.  

At CFI we train harder than most thought they were capable of.  Everyday our athletes overcome obstacles and set new standards for themselves.  Our training is intense, and it creates a genuine bond among our members.   The community aspect at CFI is our greatest strength.  There are no ego’s, no room for bad attitudes.  Those type of people just don’t last here.  We are supportive, we are strong, we are humble, we are athletes, each and every one of us.

Regardless of your goals, I am confident that through the programming at CFI you will improve your quality of living.  This is not just an exercise program.  This is a lifestyle. 

What makes CrossFit of Ithaca different?


·         Safety First- Quality of coaching (every class is coached)
·         Scientific Evidence Based Programming
·         Maximize how we make energy and how we move
·         No Machines!


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